Meet the Girls!

Lita - $15
Refined meets edgy in this off-dry Seyval Blanc white wine with less than 1% residual sugar.
Paris - $15
A semi-sweet blend of Cayuga & Seyval Blanc that promises a good time! Just over 2% residual sugar.
Roxie - $15
A sweet Cayuga wine that's nothing but fun with almost 6% residual sugar!
Daphne - $15
Our unique rose blend is quite a mystery... Sweet aroma yet off-dry taste!
Truvy - $14
A semi-sweet blush blend of Cayuga & Seyval Blanc that's just as groovy as its name! 3.75% residual sugar.
Violet - $14
Concord wine with 7.5% residual sugar? Sweet red lovers have found their new favorite color!
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