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Shipping FAQs

Here is what you need to know!! 

So how does this work?

The shopping cart on our "Shop & Ship" page links you to a third-party company called Vinoshipper.  They have been helping the wine industry move product for many years by simplifying and collecting all the required taxes when wineries want to move product across the country. Once you place an order, we are notified by Vinoshipper of your order, and we pack it and send it to you (from our winery in PA) via UPS.

Where do you ship to?

There is a list of eligible shipping states at the top of the "Shop & Ship" page.  The laws for shipping alcohol to and from vary from state to state.  The list shows where we are approved to ship to.

I don't see PA on the list?  Do you not ship to your own state?

Shipping to your "home state" (as it's referred to) requires a separate "Direct Wine Shipping Permit".  It's expensive enough that at this time, we have delayed acquiring that permit.  We hope that you are local enough to visit us at our tasting room in Bangor, PA for your wine needs.

I don't see NJ on the list?  But we're right next door?

The laws for shipping alcohol to and from vary from state to state.  In the case of NJ, all of our labels need to be registered directly with the state of NJ. It is an expensive annual fee, which at this time, we have delayed acquiring. We may add a limited selection of wines to be shipped to NJ in the future (by registering just a few labels). But with 15 wines, the number of label registrations for our entire collection becomes rather costly quickly.

Are all of your wines available for online/shipping purchase?

Based on availability and/or low quantities on hand, we may remove wines from the online store to meet the needs of our tasting room. Or, we simply may be out of stock of certain wines.

So where are the hidden fees?

There are no "hidden" fees, but there is certainly additional costs associated with both using a third-party company and professionally packaging your shipment so it arrives safely to your home.  Having said that, our online bottles are priced $2 per bottle higher than coming into our tasting room to purchase.  This helps us with the Vinoshipper fees. Additionally, there are handling charges added to your order to help cover the cost of the high quality, styrofoam lined boxes that we use to ship your order in.  

Is there a minimum order quantity?

We require a 3-bottle minimum order.  Our shipping boxes are sized for 3-bottle, 6-bottle, and 12-bottle shipments. In regards to the packaging/handling fees, you'll get the best value if you place your orders in those quantities (3, 6, or 12).  We will certainly send you 4 bottles, but just be aware that it's coming in a box that could have held 6 bottles for the same packaging charge.


When will my order ship?

Once we receive notification from Vinoshipper of your order, we will pack it and ship it via UPS within approximately 3-5 days.  Standard UPS travel times will follow after that.


My order is on its way! What else do I need to know?

When UPS arrives to deliver your wine shipment, someone MUST BE HOME to receive the package THAT IS 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.  They will not leave the package on a doorstep!

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